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Customer advocacy managers should be looking for this one key trait when hiring. Build a team that focuses on this one element, and you’ll notice dramatic boosts in your customer engagement, loyalty and success.
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As we enter the New Year, it’s a great time to think about your professional development for 2017. With the growing importance of customer advocacy and engagement, and the rapid innovation taking place in the field, there’s no better way to keep ahead of the curve than by attending the 2017 Summit on Customer Engagement, March 7-8, Redwood Shores, CA.

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– Sending your team? It’s a great idea, every 5th person you send is free! Some teams stay an extra day to plan next steps for implementing the rich learning from the Summit.

– Featured Issue #2, cultivating passionate customer advocates. There are 3 presentations addressing this issue:

Deepening Customer Engagement with Advocate Personas
by Mary-Leslie Davis, Director of Field Marketing & Customer Engagement at Staples Business Advantage, and Donna Danis, Vice President, Demand Spring, Inc.
Learn how to appropriate the demand generation technique of buyer personas, to develop advocate personas to drive deeper engagement that produces long-term loyal advocates-resulting in much more robust advocacy that drives market awareness, accelerates sales and improves customer lifecycle.

The Wonderful World of Partner Advocates
Rhett Livengood, TITLE, Intel
Learn how to cultivate an army of advocates from your partner firms–often a huge, untapped source of passionate advocacy. GET MORE INFO IF NEEDED FROM RHETT’S ABSTRACT.

Building a Billion Dollar Customer Event
By Victoria (Aviles) Laplante, Customer Reference and Advocacy Program Manager, Hubspot

Learn the behind the scenes story of how Victoria and her team helped build Hubspot’s highly respected annual customer event, Inbound, into an incredible growth engine for the firm–and a magnet for attracting passionate customer advocacy. Inbound has grown exponentially from just 300 registrants when it first started to 19,000 this year, and is thus a key component of the firm’s rapid growth, with revenue up more than 50% in 2016 to nearly $300M and well on its way to the rarified status of a billion dollar firm.
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Bill Lee