The New Normal

The 2022 crash of firm valuations, slashed budgets and rising interest rates–the New Normal–brought a new urgency to customer-centricity. Customers are rejecting employee-led growth implemented through traditional silos like Marketing, Sales and Support. Businesses can no longer afford the friction and inefficiency that such "bought growth" creates.

Today's  imperative is customer-led growth executed by agile, cross-functional teams often outside of silos, and based on connecting customers with each other and prospects, through natural advocacy, peer communities and co-created products–a switch to "earned growth."

Our Lodestar: Simplify growth.


"For all difficult decisions in the Customer Journey—pre-sale and post—customers most want to hear from other customers like them."

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight, co-author, The Customer Success Economy


ACQUISITION: Early Salesforce customers "closed" 80% of prospects at live events, simply by talking to each other—no sales pitch required.

RETENTION: SAS Canada formed its "Customer Champions" to address seriously declining retention rates vs. an expensive marketing campaign. Retention rates: fully restored.

COSTS: Microsoft's customer community (espy MVPs) reduced support costs by $100sM—and improved support satisfaction scores.


Highly recommended. Bill’s Roundtable generated Incredible perspectives from some of the smartest senior leaders and investors in business. His passion for the future of the customer is provocative and inspiring. Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Bill leads one of the most interesting communities of customer-led professionals I’ve seen. His book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers (HBR), has innovative frameworks—such as “AIC” customers—critical for today’s C-suites. Don Peppers, author, pioneer of the modern customer relationship

With Bill’s guidance, we thought deeply and spoke frankly about the barriers to customer centricity, and developed radical, research-based strategies to overcome them. Carol Meyers, Independent Board Director, Growth Advisor, former CMO of Rapid7, LogMein, and others

Under Bill's leadership, now is the time for customer advocacy and engagement managers to up-level your thinking about all the ways that customers can grow the business. And be bold—people like me want you to tell us these things. Martin Haering, CMO, Finastra

Bill is a true visionary in the emerging world of Customer Marketing. There are few people I know who are as passionate and dedicated to the culture and practice of building your customer advocates into your most important flywheel for driving profitable growth. Jake Sorofman, CMO Visier, CMO Pendo, former Chief of Research, Gartner

Bill is a pioneer of the 21st century customer relationship. Chris Adlard, author and founder, The Customer Catalyst

The value was unbelievable. If we’d had this knowledge when we first started, we’d be in a better place today when it comes to customer excellence. Vickie Cooney, VP, Market Development, AmerisourceBergen

When it comes to developing high-impact customer relationships, I found out very quickly that all roads on that issue lead to Bill Lee. Jackie Breiter, VP, Customer Success, CA Technologies

Bill is leading a revolution in the way that customers take us to market and build our business. Sarah Davis, Director of Customer Marketing, Invoca

Bill gets us out of the day-to-day demands from stakeholders and into our customers’ potential to grow the business. Genevieve Guerette, Director of Customer Marketing, App Annie


Roundtable for a Customer Revolution

An Expanding Consortium


Roundtable Resources

The Roundtable has blossomed into an ongoing, diverse and expanding Consortium of the best minds and leaders in business. Check out our offerings, customized for your two most important growth stakeholders: 1) Leadership (CEOs and Boards) as well as, 2) Implementation leaders (Cathedral Builders) who engage your best or "ACI" customers.

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