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Transform your advocate program
by spending time on what counts


David Sroka

CEO / Founder
Point of Reference

Many customer advocacy program managers and directors feel overwhelmed, and it’s often due to a surfeit of demands and deliverables that have little to do with making your program—or your company—successful.

In this webinar, Bill and David will show you how to become a high-impact program and in the process reduce labor overhead and prove your strategic importance to executives. Their vision plus best practices will be shared from a wide variety of client relationships along with groundbreaking research from the Center for Customer Engagement’s Advanced Practices in Customer Advocacy and Engagement.


Thursday, May 25th

10:00 am Pacific /
1:00 pm Eastern

60 minutes




Key Takeaways

  1. Evaluate where you (or your team) focus your time today
  2. Where to re-allocate that time to make your program indispensable

From Bill

How to make yourself indispensable to your C-suite, to focus your program for maximum impact on advocates and influencers, and why it’s critical to engage key stakeholders thereby making yourself essential when you do. Plus, engaging your C-suite provides your best job security.

Bill’s message won’t be for the faint of heart: it requires proactively engaging the C-suite and showing them the value your customer advocates and influencers can create, because very often, they don’t know.

From David

A comparison of tactical vs. strategic programs, how time is typically allocated, and where your time is best spent for “go big or go home” results. If your program is stuck in “help desk” mode it will never produce the results needed to win the hearts, minds and budgets of potential executive champions. Benefit from what his company has seen work and not work over 14 years.

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