You have the potential to be the top executive in charge of Customer Experience and Engagement at your firm.

We'd like to help transform—and accelerate—your career journey by inviting you to our CAREER OF YOUR DREAMS: PILOT.




And I said, nobody is better suited to be a CEO than I am. I’ve been at the center of every single function in the company because I’m closest to the customer.

And as I became CEO, I said that my value is never going to change because that’s how I will always lead.

Christina Kosmowski, CEO, LogicMonitor
former Head of Customer Marketing and Success, Salesforce and Slack

5 Ways the PILOT  Will

Transform Your Career Journey

1. You'll have a powerful PEER GROUP.

You'll start with an exclusive group of a dozen or so of true peers who share the same ambition: getting to the C-Suite, soon. We call these "Cathedral Builders" who will support, challenge and helping each other hone your career stories. We encourage forming lasting bonds with the Cathedral Builders you get to know at the Pilot.—and throughout your career stories.

2. Unmatchable MENTORS.

In your journey to the Career of Your Dreams, you'll be be guided by the Mentors of Your Dreams.

They include Bill and Jeff plus their Roundtable for a Customer Revolution Consortium: an expanding group of senior leaders including CEOs, board directors, and thought leaders who

1) Get what you do and the power of the customers you work with, and
2) Have exceptional business savvy.

They will guide you in shaping your career journey and communicating it to your boss and leadership up to your senior leaders.

Meet some of your Mentors



Roundtable for a Customer Revolution



partial list


Thought Leaders

partial list

3. Become a VISIONARY.

Landing a great CXO position requires that you communicate a compelling VISION to your new leadership and board.

You, your Peers, and Mentors—including Bill, Jeff and our Roundtable—will help co-create your Vision for your career as a senior leader.

We've created an encyclopedia of knowledge through our Roundtable for a Customer Revolution Consortium—and are constantly adding more.

You will leave the Pilot with your own, road-tested vision for your profession, as well as your first C-level job that will grab the interest of your senior leadership and board.

Bill demonstrates messaging to explain Customer-led Growth to three CEOs.

Note their buy-in and enthusiasm.

4. You'll CO-CREATE your Pilot experience.

The Pilot won't just be Bill, Jeff or other Mentors talking at you.

It will be a collaborative co-creation, appropriate to professionals on their way to the C-Suite.

That’s why we’re inviting a limited number of carefully selected candidates (like you). And limiting the Pilot to just 12-14 participants to keep it intimate.

5. You'll co-create your PLAN & EXECUTE IT.

We're not going to give you JUST a bunch oF concepts, models, graphics and case studies (as cool as ours are!). We're going to engage luckY participants in developing a hands-on plan for designing and executing a specific initiative to tackle a critical growth objective in your firms—one that's "keeping leadership up at night) and collaborate with us and your peers on developing a plan and executing it.

This is the essence of getting to the C-suite. Showing clear, dramatic impacts on major business objectives.


Highly recommended. Bill’s Roundtable generated Incredible perspectives from some of the smartest senior leaders and investors in business. His passion for the future of the customer is provocative and inspiring. Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Bill leads one of the most interesting communities of customer-led professionals I’ve seen. His book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers (HBR), has innovative frameworks—such as “AIC” customers—critical for today’s C-suites. Don Peppers, author, pioneer of the modern customer relationship

With Bill’s guidance, we thought deeply and spoke frankly about the barriers to customer centricity, and developed radical, research-based strategies to overcome them. Carol Meyers, Independent Board Director, Growth Advisor, former CMO of Rapid7, LogMein, and others

Under Bill's leadership, now is the time for customer advocacy and engagement managers to up-level your thinking about all the ways that customers can grow the business. And be bold—people like me want you to tell us these things. Martin Haering, CMO, Finastra

Bill is a true visionary in the emerging world of Customer Marketing. There are few people I know who are as passionate and dedicated to the culture and practice of building your customer advocates into your most important flywheel for driving profitable growth. Jake Sorofman, CMO Visier, CMO Pendo, former Chief of Research, Gartner

Bill is a pioneer of the 21st century customer relationship. Chris Adlard, author and founder, The Customer Catalyst

The value was unbelievable. If we’d had this knowledge when we first started, we’d be in a better place today when it comes to customer excellence. Vickie Cooney, VP, Market Development, AmerisourceBergen

When it comes to developing high-impact customer relationships, I found out very quickly that all roads on that issue lead to Bill Lee. Jackie Breiter, VP, Customer Success, CA Technologies

Bill is leading a revolution in the way that customers take us to market and build our business. Sarah Davis, Director of Customer Marketing, Invoca

Bill gets us out of the day-to-day demands from stakeholders and into our customers’ potential to grow the business. Genevieve Guerette, Director of Customer Marketing, App Annie

Career of Your Dreams PILOT

5 Weekly webinars for 5 weeks

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