Bill has spoken to audiences such as the International Advertising Association (IAA), the Business Marketing Association, the American Marketing Association, Forrester Research, the Net Promoter Annual Conference, the Veritas Presidents’ Forum, the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), the Social Media Club and many others. His content is original and provocative, based on his groundbreaking book, The Hidden Wealth of Customers.

How Bill Customizes His Keynotes

Unlike most speakers, Bill customizes his content to your audience. He does this by talking to the person who owns the event, to make sure he’s aligned with your goals. He also talks to a few select attendees beforehand to get in touch with your audience.

Your Audience Was Energized and Inspired by Bill’s Speech. What Next?

A great keynote speech is a great opportunity to enact change—to instill the new behaviors you want to create. Unfortunately, with most keynotes, nothing actually happens after the excitement wears off. Bill rejects that outcome. He can help you follow up his keynote with tangible and pragmatic processes that instantiate the behaviors you need to instill in your people—and that create the change you need.

Bill speaks on The Hidden Wealth of Customers


In a buyer-empowered world, marketing departments often chase famous brands, hoping to “get the logo” for their websites and promotional content. That approach often leads nowhere. Getting a GM or IBM to endorse you is typically an exercise in futility, and even if you succeed, such brands aren’t necessarily influential in your target markets. In this essential speech, I’ll show you how the instinct to develop “marquee customers” is on the money—these are the ones who power your growth engine in today’s world.

But firms who do so successfully take a much more thoughtful, strategic approach.  I’ll describe the three main criteria successful firms like Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe and others use to pinpoint these customers, and how they cultivate increasingly lucrative, lifetime relationships with them.

Customers today are your most powerful growth resource. They’re more trusted, more interesting and less threatening than any other sales and marketing resource you have. I’ll show you how to unleash them in this presentation.

The days of using customers to just provide references toward the end of the sales cycle are long gone. In the first place, the “sales cycle” is a relic. It’s been replaced by the buyer-focused “buyer’s decision journey.” Second, today’s customer advocates are creating powerful impact throughout the buying process, not just at the end.  And third, customers are creating powerful impacts on growth well beyond the buying cycle, into the post-sale customer service and experience and strategy and development.

For those who want to shake up their marketing and sales teams, this speech is based on my groundbreaking Harvard Business Review blog post—one of the most read, commented on and favorited in the history of HBR’s blog network. Buyers today are ignoring traditional marketing and sales approaches, which is why every one of these must be put on trial for its life. I’ve seen too many companies continue to use these increasingly ineffective approaches out of habit, applying scarce resources in ways that no longer fit the way today’s buyer purchases.

Attendees will learn how your buyers are purchasing, how to respond to that rapidly and effectively, and how to make the organizational changes you’ll need to achieve this.

Bill speaks on the Death and Rebirth of Marketing

Hint: Think way beyond your products and services.

Companies today are working feverishly to improve their customers’ experience (CX). But they’re thinking in only two dimensions: pouring all their CX resources into improving their offerings (products and services).

Companies that excel at creating superior CX do so in three dimensions, by providing exceptional product and service experiences to their most important marquee customers AND by helping them to build their affiliation networks, to grow their personal and professional reputations, to learn and grow, to have a say in the products and services they use, and more. In other words, they move the CX from a market norm to a social norm. I show audiences how to do this, and how it creates far more value for your marquee custromers, turning them into passionate advocates and influencers for your business.

Many firms are intimidated at the very thought of trying to break through to C-suite buyers.  And if they do succeed, it often never occurs to them that such customers might be willing—in fact, eager—to advocate for them in the marketplace, through references, serving on a strategy board, presenting at the company’s or other industry events, and perhaps most important, opening their Rolodex and providing warm I’ll show you how to create and deploy such customers, using a number of actual examples from firms who have “cracked the code” of developing such marquee customer advocates.

All it takes is a few of these to secure the rapid growth and success of your firm.

(For businesses as well as nonprofits and governments)

For any organization that wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives—and if you don’t, why do you exist?—this speech is for you.

What do organizations that excel at changing lives in today’s hyper-connected world, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Salesforce.com, have in common? Increasingly, they understand that the most powerful resource they have for making a difference is the very audience they serve. The idea of hiring outside “experts” such as engineers, product developers, advertising agencies, PR firms, salespeople, and so forth to tell people what to do—who aren’t peers to the audiences they serve and don’t share their interests, no matter how much they care—is increasingly an anachronism. Even the poorest of the poor turn out to bring essential insights and capabilities to solving their own problems that outsiders can’t match.

I’ll show you how to tap skills and talents in the audience you’re trying to serve—whether the poor, the elderly, gang members or ordinary customers—that are key to achieving your mission.

Bill Lee and Don Peppers were far and away the best speakers at the 2015 Summit on Customer Engagement. - Victoria Aviles, Customer Reference Marketing, HubSpot
Content was excellent. The attendee profiles were very good, the peer-to-peer interaction is what I really valued. I learned a lot, validated some things and also got some great ideas … Highly recommended. - Asim Zaheer, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems
Bill’s presentation to our Technology Marketing Council meeting was incredibly valuable for our members. His expertise on building customer advocacy as the ‘new marketing’ approach generated great interest and discussion among the CMOs in attendance. We hope to collaborate in the future as more members implement customer advocacy programs. - Liz Witherspoon, Senior Consultant, Forrester Technology Marketing Council

To inquire about having Bill speak to your audience, please contact him directly at +1 214 907 5600.